Sir Terry Pratchett

Author of the Discworld series of fantasy novels

A headshot of Sir Terry Pratchett, wearing one of his infamous black hats, stood in front of a turquoise background.
Sir Terry Pratchett

Here's a timeline of Terry Pratchett's life:

  • 1948 - Born in Buckinghamshire, England
  • 1971 - Releases first novel, The Carpet People
  • 1983 - Publishes his first novel in the Discworld series, The Colour of Magic
  • 1998 - Gains an OBE
  • 2001 - Receives the Carnegie Medal for his first Discworld novel aimed at young people, The Amazing Maurice and His educated Rodents
  • 2007 - Announces his diagnosis of early-onset Alzheimer's
  • 2009 - Knighted for his services to literature
  • 2010 - Receives the World Fantasy Award for Life Achievement
  • 2015 - Dies on the 12th March, aged 66. His 41st novel in the Discworld series, The Shepherd's Crown, is published five months later.

"Most of the great triumphs and tragedies of history are caused not by people being fundamentally good or fundamentally evil, but by people being fundamentally people."

-- Terry Pratchett

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